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nikita Frosynakis


I can make a short video clip in just two minutes but it took me fifteen years to to reach this level. It is not enough to see and admire the beauty of a wedding film , this film should also provoke feelings and affects us. 

For me the art of filmmaking does not only reproduces what we actually see but it also makes us watch it.

Due to this fact on the wedding day I do not film what I see but what I imagine.

In this way I make a film which will forever reproduce what happens just once  and the most impressive thing in this film is that it never changes in contrast to the people in it who change !

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indian wedding film nikita fosynakis crete greece

Indian Love : An illness which can be cured with the wedding.

A successful marriage means falling in love a lot of times always with the same person.

I see a lot of people spending more time on planning the wedding ceremony than planning the marriage itself.

Leave this to professionals and devote your time to you !

 Being loved a lot by someone gives you strength, while loving someone a lot gives you courage.

destination wedding film nikita fosynakis crete greece

We work on each wedding in the way as the artist creates his painting. With care, attention to all the details and with love , 

Nikita is a true artist, he takes care of each detail.

He always says: “I do not just put together short clips filmed during the day, but I create a story, I want the couple to feel all the emotions again when they watch the video!”.

He usually takes his time to create the final wedding film but for the moment each and single couple were unbelievable happy with the result.

“We just watched the video! Oh my God, we are in love!

We felt everything one more time!” — the quote of one of our brides !

wedding cruises film nikita fosynakis crete greece

His honest, process-driven approach will ease you into your wedding itinerary and shooting requirements, bringing together high-aesthetics and your beautiful story of love so that the two become indistinguishable. His work with medium format film as well as with digital technology will allow you to enjoy a clean, elegant and unobtrusive wedding photography experience. Finely tuned to the philosophy of luminous portraiture and exceptional coverage, he believes in rendering the most precious moments into fine art, permanent imagery, that you will proudly call your arbiter elegantiae.

Instead of giving good advice, set a good example.

life style films nikita fosynakis crete greece


My purpose is
to avoid being classified as clinically insane 

it is fun to do the impossible !

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