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What kind of personality are you?

What makes you feel good?

I myself sort out my stuff in my office and not my girlfriend ,I always get dressed smartly because I adore elegance and I feel good when I realise the goals I set every year.

I always defend those who suffer injustice and I focus on people with powerful missions and innovative ideas.


A bit more ?


Born in the '80s in "MITERA '' Children's Hospital in Athens , adopted  by  poor family, not having the luxury to study and experience student life ,I entered the work market very early in life .

I am not lying and I don't like lies unlike many people who claim that they began loving  photography from an early age'

as if someone can understand at the age of ten what they would do later in life.

After the third decade of my life ,during a trip to Los Angeles , I came across people who had a powerful name in the movie industry and those people were the root cause of my passion for making a film with my orientation.

My passion for growth and perfection urged  me in 2002 to attend courses in Ant1 Media Lab in Videography and Editing and later on to seminars held by the best film directors from all over the world.

What I kept from this experience is that in order to make a wedding movie ,you don't need to have either expensive cameras or expensive equipment but a different and quick perception of space and events that occur that day .

I address to demanding and smart customers throughout the world who are looking for high quality service in that film.

Every time I check in at the airport I make arrangements in my mind regarding my next trip.

This madness over the last years has travelled me abroad not only to Europe but also to other continents, giving me the opportunity to make unique wedding films in New York Singapore Paris Mykonos Rhodes Santorini and of course my beautiful home Crete.

My supreme aim is to transform the wedding video into a wedding movie ! 

I have committed myself to trying my best for originality and innovation in everything I do and some of my recent goals have been to make wedding films which are nothing but ordinary unlike others nowadays which look alike.

Don't you agree?

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