Why should a couple choose to cooperate with me?


They can watch whole wedding movies on my site, not just short trailers or advertisements. When you show somebody two minutes of your job, he is not able to understand what you actually do


With our cooperation you can relax on your wedding day , knowing that whatever comes up will be dealt professionally. As a result you will be free to enjoy your wedding day.​


I edit the scenes I shoot myself with my camera and I allow none else to process your movie.

During the day I take shots which for some reason I only know and I have in mind how to blend  them into your story.It's important to know that the person you make the appointment before your wedding will be the same one who will be there on your wedding day as well.Not to mention the fact that he will be processing himself the scenes he has shot so as to have a definite result.


The way we edit the film is not the usual. The scenes are not put in order  they were filmed on the ceremony day. In this way the viewer cannot predict what he will see in the next minute so we can keep the suspense up to the end of the film. For example after the preparations you will not see the ceremony.


I don’t show the couple what to do on their wedding day and I try to move discreetly  without blocking the events of the day filming moments with 100% real feelings​


I never take on more than 15 weddings in the same year so as to devote more time to processing them . The more  weddings a professional takes on the less time they have to process them.​


It won’t be like any other movie. Each place has its own characteristics and every race has  its customs.


ON your special day I don’t look at my watch, and I don’t get paid by the hour. I will be here until the very end, sometimes until the following morning . I also pay extra attention after midnight when the stress goes away and the couple unfolds their feelings​


We are a whole team of professionals so in case something goes wrong ,in case of an illness for example, We won’t have problem how o over the event


People who sell image services may be telling lies but they can't be showing lies. More often than not you will see medium quality wedding videos receiving some so called awards (the best wedding video )by paying lots of money for this award.

My best reward comes from the wedding planners who have trusted me and have travelled me throughout the world.

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